[Sca-cooks] Pasta (alla) Carbonara

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Thu Dec 24 15:39:10 PST 2009

<< So which dish would you rather eat?  Pasta charcoal?  Or Pasta in the style of charcoal workers? >>  

You certainly did not mean, that 67.100 English language websites using "Pasta carbonara" do not speak about the dish we all know but rather about a new, hitherto unheard of dish you prefer to call "Pasta charcoal", didn't you?

I am sorry if my point, I was trying to make, came out wrong. All I was trying to say is something like this: it seems to me, that in English, many  people refer to the dish in question by using  "Pasta carbonara" (as far as I can see, there are more of these people on the English language web than people using "Pasta alla carbonara").

I regret, if  all these people hurt your feelings and associations about pasta and charcoal ("visions of burnt pasta"). Perhaps you could ask the guys running the internet to replace "Pasta carbonara" by "Pasta alla carbonara" ... ;-)

Emilio, back from dinner, including a splendid Bresaola antipasto ...


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