[Sca-cooks] Horse Breeding OT But!... I know someone willknowthe answer...

Daniel & Elizabeth Phelps dephelps at embarqmail.com
Fri Dec 25 01:41:29 PST 2009

Was written:

...horses for both light and heavy cavalry.  Um...would
> the light cavalry horses, bearing, I presume, horse archers or, at least,
> not massively armored troops, be lighter?
You are starting to get out of period and into Restoration, Regency, 
Napoleonic and even Victorian era stuff.  If so you might want to include 
artillery horses of which there were at least two varieties if I read my 
histories correctly.  What surprises me is that no one has mentioned mules 
in period.  They came in at least two varieties, draft/pack and riding. 
There is currently extant a rare breed of rather large French donkey that 
was kept specifically to bred riding mules if I recall correctly.  Not sure 
if it is period however.  That of course brings up the issue of donkeys and 


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