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Fri Dec 25 17:38:55 PST 2009

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Quetzelcoatl! (Greatest..flying..eel/snake... something like that..)

D: Quetzalcoatl, Feathered snake/serpant (Mayan-Kukulcan). I do not recall
any of the stories about him having the ability to fly but I guess being
related or associated with, depending on the culture, to the winds might
imply flight (not to mention the feathers). He was know as the morning star
and his twin brother Tlolac (sp?) was the evening star.
Anyway, nice try, but wrong element. :)

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It flies through the air with the greatest of eels?

Ada... errr, Brighid ;-)

D: More like glides than flies but it does take them to new eelevations. :

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