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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sat Dec 26 00:21:58 PST 2009

Was written:
<<< ...horses for both light and heavy cavalry.  Um...would
the light cavalry horses, bearing, I presume, horse archers or, at  
not massively armored troops, be lighter? >>>

To which Daniel said:
< You are starting to get out of period and into Restoration, Regency,
Napoleonic and even Victorian era stuff >

Maybe not. I seem to remember when reading about the Crusades that the  
Arabs tended to be armored lighter and riding smaller horses. Which  
would fit both with the native horses there, the Arab?, and the terrain.

< That of course brings up the issue of donkeys and asses. >

Which seldom get discussed. But then the war horse/charger gets a lot  
more attention than the other types of horses, which would probably  
have been more well known personally to most people. I thought though  
that donkeys and asses were the same thing, at least when you were  
talking about animals.

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