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OK-Boiled Peanuts. The are boiled in the shell. You can either eat them, shell and all, or squirt the nut out of the shell into your mouth. 
I have tried them. 
I was not impressed. 

All tastes vary. What is good to one, may taste as vile as bilge water to another. ::shrug::


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>    I was able to fins some 'raw' peanuts up  here at a local co-op and
 have bribed a friend into making boiled peanuts for us this weekend.  I
 have never had them before and am looking forward to the experience.
I haven't either, so take this with the proverbial grain of salt, but I
as under the impression that boiled peanuts were boiled in the shell.  I
lso think I remember that they are eaten that way too (still in the
hell), but I'm less certain of that.
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