[Sca-cooks] Horse Breeding OT But!... I know someone will

Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Thu Dec 31 06:47:18 PST 2009

Hello all my harddisk crashed so I hav a huge backlog but this i could not 

btw Ann Hyland has written a couple of books that are quite extensive on 
this topic:

The Medieval Warhorse and the The Warhorse 1250-1600.

as to the fresian horses: originally it was a carriage horse and not a breed 
ridden much.
One of the most probable breeds for a norman kinght would be the ancestors 
of the percheron



Regards from Katarina (riding a very unmedieval 17 hands plus, (black) 

A happy new year to all of you 

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