[Sca-cooks] Sauce made with blood

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Mon Feb 2 15:37:32 PST 2009

I'm doing some research on the sauce from Rumpolt called "Ein Pfeffer", which is made with blood.  I'm looking for other sauce recipes with blood, especially German recipes, but I'd be interested in others as well.  I'm aware of blood sausage, but I'm only looking for sauce recipes using fresh blood.  I found the following recipes from Welserin.


Welserin 10 To make goose giblets

Take goose blood, take the feet, wings, stomach and neck and boil them in half water and half wine. Grate rye bread, fry it in fat, add to it also the blood from a goose and wine and some of broth in which the goose was cooked, sugar, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, cloves and let the peppersauce cook for a long while, as much as three hours. Then brown a few onions in fat and add the fat to the peppersauce, and when you would serve it sprinkle ginger thereon.

Welserin 16

Afterwards take the goose blood, cook in it the feet, neck and wings with wine and water. Grate rye bread, fry it in fat, add to the mixture and season it well. Then prepare it as follows: Take toasted Semmel and strain them with wine through a cloth, likewise the broth in which the goose was cooked. Then finely chop onions with bacon, let them roast together, put fat into it and season it well.

Welserin 19 Jugged hare

Take the hare, rinse the blood with wine and vinegar into a clean vessel, then chop the hare in pieces. Cook the front part in the blood. Take wine or water and stir it, until it is mixed with the blood, so that the blood does not clump. Take rye bread that is finely grated, fry it in fat and put it into the jugged hare. Season it well. You can also chop the lungs and the liver into pieces and roast them with the rye bread and put them into the jugged hare.

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