[Sca-cooks] propane slow-cooker, was high-altitude cooking

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Thu Feb 5 14:03:56 PST 2009

Daniel wrote:
> Came across this item and it seemed like it might be useful in camp, if 
> modern.  A propane bottle fed stainless steel crockpot.
> http://www.coleman.com/coleman/colemancom/detail.asp?product_id=9935-A52&categoryid=31015

My 25 year old Coleman propane stove needed a replacement part, so i was searching for it on the Coleman site back in early December, and i saw this. I ordered it. I have it. But i haven't used it yet. Someone commented on the web site that their food burned, but perhaps they didn't have it set low enough... i'll find out.

There's also:
-- "Mr. Coffee"-like coffee maker that fits on a Colmane propane stove:
-- a separate propane deep-fryer
-- 3 or 4 models of rechargeable-battery powered blenders
(in several versions with different prices - put "blender" in the search box to see them)
-- and some other odd stuff

I'm looking for a propane pop-up toaster... (nudge, nudge, that's a joke)
someone sometimes called Urtatim

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