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Euriol said:
<<< The ones we took directly from the recipes I've done are the  
Roasted Pork
(Rumpolt) and Bread Pudding  (Early Northern Cookery Book). >>>

Do you mean from the Harpstrang cookbook?
Harpstrang-cb-msg (37K)  1/31/05    The Harpestraeng cookbook. The  
                                        cookbook in the Western  
medieval Europe.

I don't think I have too many recipes or redactions from this cookbook.

I think this article in the FOOD section might be of the recipe of  
which you speak:
White-Mash-art     (8K) 11/20/99    A white pudding from the  
                                        manuscript by Elysant de  

I'd love to see your bread pudding recipe, whether it is from the  
same recipe as one Elysant used or if it is new. I have pasted the  
recipe below.

I do have this small file on breadpudding, and would appreciate more  
information/recipes for it.
bread-pudding-msg (10K) 12/11/06    Period bread pudding.


3.  Icelandic, late 15th century:

"Quomodo temperetur cibus dicitur hwit mos.
Madur skal taka s¾ta miolk ok vel stappat hveiti braud. ok slegit egg  
ok vel
malit. S¾fran. ok lata ßat vella alltt saman til ßess verdur ßycktt.  
lati ßat upp aa disk ok kasti j smiorvi. ßetta heitir hvitinos."

Modern English Translation
(translation by Nanna Ršgnvaldard—ttir - SCA-Cooks list member from  

"Take some sweet milk and white bread well mashed, and a beaten egg  
(or eggs)
and finely crushed saffron, and mix it and simmer until thickened.   
Then pour
into a bowl and add butter.  This is called white mash."

Elysant de Holtham (Jean Holtom) 1999

4 cups milk
1 1/2 cups of white bread (crusts removed), and broken into small  
2 eggs, beaten
2 strands or pinch crushed saffron
Ground cinnamon

Place the saffron in a small amount of hot water and heat to  
boiling.  Put
milk and bread into a saucepan, and combine well.  Add the saffron  
and stir
in the beaten egg. Heat mixture to boiling, stirring constantly, then  
heat and simmer slowly until it thickens.  To serve, pour a little of  
mixture into a bowl.  Add a knob of butter and sprinkle with cinnamon  
dish is served warm).
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