[Sca-cooks] OT: Do we need cold-food recipes for Drakey and Co.?

Audrey Bergeron-Morin audreybmorin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 13:39:30 PST 2009

> <<< It's a balmy 19F, -7.2C here in Queens. >>>
> Brrrr. You went outside voluntarily?

Winter is very long when you stay inside... Here winter lasts more
than 4 months... We have the first sparse snow falls in November, and
the last bits on the ground usually melt by the end of April - except
for the huge mountains they pile up in the shopping mall parking lots
- those stay until the end of June at least. If we were to stay inside
all that time, there wouldn't be much left in the year!

-7 is rather mild. January is more like -10 to -15, going down to
around -20 at night. See, the thing is, you really need the right
clothes, it's as simple as that! In summer, you can't cool down more
than the outside temperature. In winter, you just add layers and buy
really warm clothing.

Which is rather sad for SCA camping. We have just a little over two
months of campable weather. Three if we're lucky. Four for the brave
or the young and carefree. I still want to upgrade my gear, one day,
and get a period kitchen and all, but it feels kind of pointless...

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