[Sca-cooks] bread pudding

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Fri Feb 6 11:00:18 PST 2009

>There's an English translation to each of the original manuscripts.
>There should be posts in the Florilegium regarding the Libellus.
>I did a number of posts about it right after I joined the list in 2001
>because I was one of the only people that owned it at the time.

The version that was published in an Icelandic medical miscellany was 
included in the collection of source material that I sold for many 
years, so quite a lot of people owned that. I think I eventually 
replaced it with Grewe's version.

The best known recipe from it in the SCA is probably "Icelandic 
Chicken." The name is misleading, since it's based on the origion of 
that particular manuscript, not of the recipe. The same source also 
has "The Lord's Salt," which we've used a number of times to preserve 
meat for Pennsic. Both are in the _Miscellany_.

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