[Sca-cooks] Coriander Juice???

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Fri Feb 6 16:16:24 PST 2009

Let me expand a bit on what i wrote...

>Kiri wrote:
>> I have a recipe that calls for green coriander juice.  Anyone have any ideas
>> as to where I might obtain this?  Or would I use coriander leaves (?) to
>> make the juice??

And i replied:
> You just put a goodly amount of fresh coriander leaves, aka cilantro, into a 
> blender or food processor with some water, whirl to nearly puree, then put the 
> mess into clean washed muslin over a bowl, let drain briefly, then SQUEEZE.

The medieval Andalusi recipes don't suggest blanching, as Adamantius did. So i don't know if they did that. I suspect not, but who knows. Sounds like a reasonable idea for a modern recipe.

I take the leaves off the firm center stalks, but i leave them on their little branchlettes. If they don't puree, it's no big deal to strain them out. And not compulsively removing every little leaf saves some time.

The reason i add some water - just a little - is so that the blender or food processor will have enough liquid to thoroughly puree the greens. One does not want too much water. It's there primarily to assist the process, not to be too much of the product.
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