[Sca-cooks] What to do with 55 egg whites?

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Sat Feb 7 04:30:47 PST 2009

A couple of recipes from Rumpolt for egg whites.


Gebackens 2. Take the white from eggs/ and make a dough of white flour/ make it sweet with white sugar/ take a clean foam spoon/ and push it quickly into hot butter/ not thickly/ that you can turn it over with a wooden spatula/ let it get cold on the Schäufflein/ like this it will nicely bend/ lay on a dish/ so they will not be broken/ and when you wish to give on a table/ then sprinkle it with white sugar. If it however did not hold together/ and breaks/ then do it in simmered milk and let simmer/ until it becomes thick/ like this it will be a good puree/ Thus one can use two different things/ one if it comes together/ the other if it does not.

Gebackens 52. Take white of eggs/ and take a fair new pot to it/ and fair white flour/ make a batter in the pot/ and beat it well with a wooden spoon/ take anise and coriander with it/ make it well sweet with white sugar/ baste with a little rose water/ and a little salt/ you can also take under it an egg yolk or two, that is fresh. Take a wafer/ that is wide and long/ do the batter on it with a wooden spoon/ shove quickly in an oven/ that the the batter does not bubble/ like this they will nicely rise in the height/ when it is baked/ then take it out/ and turn it over after a while?/ cut it from the length about half a finger thick/ lay then on a clean paper/ or on an oblat/ and shove again in the oven/ on the other side/ turn over on both sides/ when it is nicely dry/ like this it will be good and crumbly.  And one calls it biscuit of Eggwhite.

Gebackens 56. Take sugar/ that is finely cleaned with rose water/ set with the Rundel on coals/ and let it therefore simmer/ and when it is well thick/ then stir almonds into it/ and stir well together/ that it not burn. Take it from the fire away/ take ground sugar/ and stir it in/ and check that it is well tasting. And from this almond dough you like to make a marzipan/ dry in the oven or a pie pan/ let it cool again/ and take the white from eggs/ and rose water/ stir in clean sugar and ever longer you stir it/ ever whiter it becomes/ let it stand a while/ so it gains a beautiful white foam/ take it down/ and spread the marzipan with it/ take then the cover of the tart pan/ and put coals on it/ like this the foam will be nicely risen/ and white. And so one makes the good marzipan/ with the egg whites. You can also well take white from eggs with the marzipan/ and rose water/ when you have nearly dried the almonds/ then take first the white from eggs with it/ and stir well together/ like this it will be good and well tasting.

Gebackens 59.  Take sugar/ that is ground and nicely white/ also the white from a fresh egg/ grind in a mortar/ take a drop or four of rose water in it/ and coriander/ and when you have stirred it together/ then take a wafer/ and lay on a clean paper/ do the dough on it with a wooden spoon on the wafer/ and make a finger long/ shove it quickly in a warm oven/ so that it nicely rises/ and when it is cold/  then it is crispy/ that it melts in the mouth.  And one calls it sugar biscuit.  And if you will have it brown/ then take ground cinnamon with it. You can also make such a biscuit from clean egg yolks/ so it is soft as the white of eggs/ particularly if you grind the finest white sugar.

Gebackens 76. Take cleaned sugar/ that is nicely white/ and let it then again simmer well that it becomes thick/ stir it with a grater leg??/ until it is white/ take white from eggs/ and rosewater/ beat through each other/ so it will develop a foam/ stir it into the sugar/ so it becomes still whiter/ do in the pine nut kernels whole into it/ do it with a wood spatula together/ take a clean board/ and moisten a little/ do it by pieces on it/ and let become cold/ set in a warm room/ like this it becomes dry and white.  And one calls it Pinucade/ it is delicate and lovely to give on a table with the confections or marzipan.

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