[Sca-cooks] What to do with 55 egg whites?

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I am really surprised that no one suggested "To Make a Dissh Full of Snow"

To make a dissh full of Snow 
>From "A Propre New Booke of Cokery" 1545.

Take a potell of swete thicke creame and the whites of eight egges & beate them al togider with a spone / then put them in youre creame and a saucer full of Rosewater and a disshe full of Suger with all / than take a sticke & make it cleane / and than cutte it in the ende foure square / and there with heate all the aforesayde thinges togither / & ever as it ryseth take it of and put it into a Collander / this done / take one apple and set it in the myddes of it and a thicke busshe of Rosemary and set it in the middes of the plater / then cast your Snow upon the Rosemary & fyll your platter therewith. And if you have wafers cast some in with all and thus serue them forth. 

When I made this years and years ago, I did a ratio of one egg white to one cup of whipping cream to 1 tablespoon of sugar to 1 tablespoon of rosewater.
Any more sugar and it became cloyingly sweet.  Any more rosewater and it tasted like soap.  I beat the egg whites with the sugar until stiff.  I beat the cream with the rosewater until it peaked.  I then folded them together.  I had intended to replace the apples with strawberries because I was serving 300 people.  Unfortunately, the strawberries I so carefully froze when they were fresh, turned to mush. So instead of serving a dish full of snow, I served strawberry mousse.  Everyone gobbled it up and nothing returned to the kitchen.  I learned that day, that no matter what the books say, no matter how carefully you freeze your strawberries, you will never get anything but mushy strawberries when they are defrosted.


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