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>  Your onion, cucumber and basil salad sounds good, what is the dressing on that?

Cucumber & Onion Salad
Archidipno overo dell'insalata e dell'vso di essa, from Massonio
(Listed as a Salad by Scappi) Translation by Louise Smithson
	In order that cucumbers more easily pass the stomach eat them with
the peel rather than without.  Cut the cucumber in half lengthwise and
make of them pieces moderately thin and dress them with oil, vinegar
and salt like other salads.  But the custom one has learned is to add
several pieces of raw onion and the leaves or sprouts of green basil.
This is not without foundation in art, perhaps it counteracts the
natural coldness of moisture of it and makes the juice less large and
less slow

Single Recipe, serves 12:
1 1/2 - Cucumbers (European seedless)
1 - Onion
6 T - Olive Oil
2 T - Vinegar, White Wine
1 3/4 t - Salt
16 grinds - Pepper, fresh
2 1/2 t - Basil, Finely chopped	

	Cut cucumber in half lengthwise and then slice in 1/8 in slices. Cut
onion in half and slice on Mandolin very thin. Combine Olive Oil,
Vinegar, Salt, Pepper and Basil. Keep separate until approximately 1
hour before service. Add dressing to vegetables and mix well. Allow to
sit in cold place for between 1 and 2 hours – no longer.

I see I noted in my directions the amount of time that you can allow
to marinate. The marination is important - but I think tossing it in
everything except the salt and then salting it when you open up your
Tiffin might work. The big issue is the salt drawing too much water
out of the veggies and making it watery. When it is time to eat if you
add the salt first thing and then let it sit until the end of your
meal it should be tasty. If that is too much of a pain in the tuckus
then I know that people took leftovers home after the feast and still
liked it - so sitting for several hours shouldn't really hurt it.

Here is another Salad:
Radish Salad
Ein New Kochbuch. Marx Rumpolt. 1581, Transcribed by Dr. Thomas
Gloning; Translated by Gwen Catrin von Berlin.

45. Oder nim ein Rettich/ schneidt in klein und duenn/ oder fein
Wirflicht/ mach in mit Essig/ Oel und Salz ab/ so ist es auch gut.
45. Or take a radish/ cut in small and thin/ or fine diced/ season it
with vinegar/ oil and salt/ so it is good too
1/2 lb Radish
1/2 C Apple Cider Vinegar
1 T Olive Oil
1/2 t Salt

Chop radish into small cubes. Add other ingredients. Allow to sit
sealed in refrigerator for up to several hours.

If you like cold or room temp beans - this might go well (you could
sub olive oil for the butter):
Herbed Beans
Ein New Kochbuch. Marx Rumpolt. 1581, Transcribed by Dr. Thomas
Gloning; Translated by Gwen Catrin von Berlin.

30. Nimß Bonen/ quell sie in einem Wasser/ vnd zeuch die Häeutlein
davon hinweg/ machs eyn mit Erbeszbrüeh vnd guter frischer Butter/
auch grüenen wolschmeckenden Kräeutern/ die klein gehackt seyn/ lasz
damit auffsieden/ vnd versaltz es nicht/ so werden sie gut vnd
30. Take beans/ poach them in a water/ and pull the skins off make
them with a peabroth and good fresh butter/ also green welltasting
herbs/ that are chopped small/ let simmer therewith and do not
oversalt it/ so they will be good and welltasting.
1/2 lb - Dried Black Eyed Peas
3 C - Vegetable Broth
4 T - Butter
2 T - Fresh Parsley
1 1/2 t - Fresh Thyme
1 1/2 t - Fresh Marjoram
1 1/2 t - Fresh Tarragon
1/2 t - Salt
1/2 t - Pepper

Soften peas. Add softened peas to veggie broth with butter, herbs and
spices. Cook uncovered on a vigorous boil. When most of the liquid has
been absorbed, reduce heat. Takes about 45 min to an hour.

Depending on your camps' stance on olives, Epitrium is usually a big
hit and could be made ahead of time at home (the longer it sits the
better it gets). For those who do the starch and dairy, eating it with
bread and some fresh cheese is very period.

> We looked all over for the little squeeze bottles, and finally gave up and
> ordered some on-line.  We have the little silicone muffin cups for dividers
> inside the boxes and some nice picks as well. Keeping things separate until
> you are ready to eat them is a big key to the success of these things!
> We hit the three biggest oriental markets in town when Honnoria was here
> last weekend, and I felt like I had walked half of Asia before we were done!

Unfortunately there is not too much accessibility for bento items, but
I expect that to change based on the attention Bentos appear to be
getting. I have found that the best selection in this town (Atlanta)
is at Super H Mart - but they don't have much. Another place that
people in the bento community tend to find stuff that can be
re-purposed to bento supplies are Target and the various Dollar

Hmm, with the babbling again!

Serena da Riva

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