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>Kingstaste: What I'm looking for now is suggestions for other period
>prepared foods that would do well in our bento lunch boxes while at
>the war.

I'd suggest trying some of these things at home before the war.

Less period ideas:  sushi or summer rolls in rice paper can be filled with anything you want.  Last time I made sushi for a group, one kind was "red neck sushi"  filled with cold chicken, sweet potato and green beans.

Blanch cabbage leaves use them instead of bread for "pies".  Cabbage might hold up better than lettuce, which wilts pretty quickly in the heat.  Or pack things to be wrapped, and pack the lettuce on its own.

You could make an bento-like assortment of bits of period things.  A piece of chicken cubed or sliced, some cold smoked meat, or roasted then night before, sauce or mustard to dip them into, a piece of sausage,  some fresh fruit (grapes, oranges, cherries, peaches, plums, etc), a bit of good cheese, some cooked or raw veggies, some cabbage salad, some pickled veggies, a bit of cold omelet or hard boiled egg, some rice or mancho blanco, a piece of dried fruit, a sweet cake or a piece of marzipan or a little sweet preserves.

Rumpolt has knödels or meatballs of various meats and poultry that could work cold, a lot of salad ideas,  "Zugehörung" or relishes, as well as many pies meant to be served cold, and krapfen or filled ravioli.

Hammel 39. Take the flesh from the hind leg/ and cut it out/ and take fresh unsalted bacon/ and a little onion/ chop it together until it becomes small/ do ground pepper and no eggs in it/ and make longish dumplings (or meatballs)/ lay them on a grill/ and steam it with onions or with juniper berries/ be it sour or not/ like it is in both manners good. You can also make such dumplings/ like one makes from veal meat/ with beef or with white weck bread/ like this it is all the more mild/ still that one can make them with all that belongs with it/ be it white or yellow.

Spensaw 23. Smoked or salted pig is not also bad/ serve it cold or warm/ It is good in both manners or cook under green cabbage/ with sour herb or with spinach/or Bisenkraut which one otherwise calls Roman cabbage.

Spensaw 25. Steamed dumplings/ white in their own stock/or make yellow/ cut the leg from the hind quarter/ chop the meat small/ wind it over the leg/ set it to and let simmer/ make it with parsley Root or sour with lemon/ be it yellow or white/ with Groselbeer or Agrastbeer/ when it has simmered / then lay on a grill/ and brown/ and make a stock under it.

Indianischen Henn 7.  Take a half breast/ that is raw/ and make dumplings from it/ be they yellow or white.

Indianischen Henn 9. You might also well make a mince from it/ if it white/ then take a clear chicken stock/ if it is instead roasted/ then take a brown stock/ that you have poured off from a Roast/ with a hen stock/ that is very lightly salted. When one will serve it on a table/ then one squeezes sour Seville orange juice into it/ like this it will be good and lovely.

Lachs 1. Simmered salmon you can give warm or cold

Some cold menu items:
A veal roast cold/ sprinkled with oranges.
A hare/ sprinkled with sour lemon.
An Indian hen (turkey) cold/ with red beets.	
A pheasant cold/ with cherry sauce poured over/ and sugarcoated confits thrown over.	
Grouse cold/ chopped citron put over/ and with pomegranate kernels thrown over.	
Zerbenade sausage cold.	
Bleeding? partridge/ with toasted slices (of bread)/ softened in Malvasier wine/ and small confits thrown over	
A white boiled hen cold/ with its broth/ grated almonds strained/ that the broth becomes well thick/ and let cool/ and poured over the hen/also of various colors/ confits thrown over.	
A pressed pigs head cold.	
A venison roast cold.	
Endive salad.	
Head (cabbage?) salad.	
Chicory root salad.	
Sugar root salad.	
Chicory that is poached/ in water/ also a salad.
Head salad white/ that is poached and made sweet.	
A cardoon salad/ given raw on the table/ and made with pepper and salt.		
A poached cardoon salad.	
From various green herbs a salad/ and borage flowers sprinkled over.	
Citron chopped small/ prepared with sugar/ and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.	
A pie from a wild pig cold.	
A snipe pie.	
Cold boiled deer feet and a sweet mustard poured over.	
Cold roasted turkey
Cold capon sprinkled with oranges
A smoked tongue
Cold boiled beef in salt
A cold wild roast from a deer
A cold roast goose/ a cold pork roast/ and a calf breast that is filled/ all arranged in a dish
Cold peas with vinegar


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