[Sca-cooks] What to do with 55 egg whites?

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Torta Sambucea (elderflower & ricotta cheese pie)
Original recipes from De honesta voluptate (Plantina): Elderberry Pie.
Mix with elder flowers all the things which we have noted for white
pie. The latter mixture ought to be, however, thicker than the former,
because the flowers are distributed throughout. Although this dish is
of little nourishment and is digested slowly, nevertheless it makes
those eating it frequently happier. Let Caelius eat this, who
surpasses Saturn in melancholy. (Milham, 367)

White Pie. Pound well a pound and a half of the best fresh cheese, cut
up especially fine. When it is pounded, mix in twelve to fifteen egg
whites, a half pound of sugar, a half ounce of white ginger, a half
pound of pork fat, the same of fresh butter, and as much milk as will
be enough. When you have spread a thin pastry crust in an earthenware
pot, put in all these things. When it has been placed on the hearth,
cook on a slow fire. Put coals on the top of the lid so that it will
become more colored. When it is cooked and taken from this pot,
sprinkle ground sugar with rose water on it. This is very nourishing,
is digested slowly, warms the liver, but it causes blockages,
generates stone, and is bad for eyes and nerves. (Milham, 363)

Modern recipe: Elder Flower White Pie (1/2 of above recipe). Makes 2 pies

2 deep-dish pie crusts, pre-baked
½ pound butter
1 pound fresh ricotta cheese
½ cup milk (or less)
7 egg whites, very lightly beaten
1 tablespoon elder flowers dried
2/3 cup sugar
2 tsp sugar, for sprinkling
1/3 ounce fresh ginger root, peeled and minced fine or grated
rosewater, for sprinkling: OPTIONAL

Preheat oven to 325°F. Soften the butter at room temperature (do not
melt). Place the cheese in a mixing bowl & add the softened butter and
lard, mixing well. Add the ginger and mix well. Add the egg whites,
mixing as little as possible and only until thoroughly combined. Add
the sugar and mix well. Add the milk, checking to see that the
consistency does not get soupy. Use less milk to maintain a
batter-like appearance. Fold in the flowers until just combined.

Add the mixture to a pre-baked pie shell and bake for 40-60 minutes.
When the oil from the pie separates on the top, remove it from the
oven and sprinkle it with the extra sugar and optionally with a few
drops of rosewater. Place the pie briefly under the broiler and brown
the sugar on the top lightly. Cool the pies to room temperature before
cutting. The pie will set as it cools.

Notes: **Lard was replaced with butter to make this dish more "food friendly"

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> It all sounds wonderful, and there isn't a thing on there that would
> actually be allowed on my diet, except in such miniscule portions as to make
> it ridiculous....
> *sigh*
> I actually can't remember the last time I had a good hollandaise....
> --Maire, reminding herself how much losing the rest of this weight is
> worth....
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>> avgolemono (soup thickened with eggs - use more yolks than whole eggs)
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>> I am getting hungry... It is a good thing the hens have started laying
>> again.
>> Maeva
>> > Speaking of extra egg parts, what about uses for extra yolks? I've been
>> > throwing them out....(I'm using a whole egg, and the whites from 2 or 3
>> > more, to make omelets and scrambled egg things...)
>> > --Maire
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