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> > > Some cold menu items:
>>> Sugar root salad.
> >Do you know what this would be?

A couple more references.  It seems correct that Zucker Wurtzel  means Skirret.
There are a few places that sell seeds, if anyone wants to grow some.

Skirret is derived from the Dutch "suikerwortel," meaning "sugar root."
The plant grows 3-4 feet high and has large shining dark green compound, pinnate leaves. Small white flowers are produced in umbels. The grayish white roots, grow in clusters from the stem base like sweet potatoes, are 6-8 inches long, cylindrical, and somewhat jointed. They have a sweet taste if well grown, but have a tough, woody nonedible core.

sium sisarum L - Sukkerrod   sucker wurtzel

Genus  Sium Species  sisarum Variety  Cultivar  Common names  skirret   crummock   Zuckerwurzel Family  UMBELLIFERAE

Die Zuckerwurzel (Sium sisarum),

Culpepper says:
'Sisari, secacul. Of Scirrets. - They are hot and moist, of good nourishment, something windy, as all roots; by reason of which they . . . stir up appetite . . .'

And some pictures


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