[Sca-cooks] Period Portable Lunch Foods

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Mon Feb 9 15:31:00 PST 2009

In some German dialects, Wurzel refers to carrots, although more correctly 
it would be Gelbwurzel, IIRC.  Skirret also fills the bill.


>> > Some cold menu items:
>>> Sugar root salad.
>>Do you know what this would be?
>> (great list, btw - has given me lots of ideas for summer picnics...)
> This is a literal translation of "Zucker Wurtzel Salat".  At the time I 
> couldn't find anything more, but I just found a 1696 Image that equates it 
> with Sisarum Peruvianum.  Sisarum is Skirret is known in period, although 
> presumably not the Peruvian sort.  So perhaps Skirret.. perhaps not.
> http://jcb.lunaimaging.com/luna/servlet/detail/JCB~1~1~5720~8450007:-lower-right--Indianische-Zucker=wu
> Ranvaig

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