[Sca-cooks] OOP New Toy Acquisition

Katja katjaorlova at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 11 10:46:45 PST 2009

>>>>What I found a little distressing was the small hopper tray on the  
KitchenAid; not only did it hold a small amount of the filling, but if  
you used the plunger that comes with it to push the meat down into the  
opening, it just sort of pushed meat over the top edge of the hopper  
onto your work surface. It got to the point where about half the time  
I was just forming balls of meat the size of the pipe opening, and  
pushing them down with my hand. Which, of course, does slow down the  
process somewhat.
When I began using my Kitchenaid to make sausages for feasts several years ago, I found that a nifty little attachment -- a special food tray that hooks on top of the grinder/stuffer's feed tube -- was absolutely invaluable:
It makes adding handfuls of ground or chunked meat MUCH less annoying -- and it speeds things up, too! <smile>
BTW, I enjoyed meeting all the folks I've previously met only through their words on this list. <grin>

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