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> Kihe Blackeagle wrote:
> > Great rule of life, and I quote: "There are NEVER enough mushrooms!" -- 

> > attributed to a Princess of Cynagua, or somewhere out there in the West 

> > (I learnt it of a Bard resident in Cynagua, along with an *excellent* story 

> > to accompany the adage: there were *almost* enough mushrooms, once upon a time . . .)

> Okay, smart guy, now you have to regale us with the story or we will all 
> be awake all night, trying to image how many tonnes of mushrooms were 
> involved here. Please?
> Selene

Oh, drat.  Here I was hoping to winkle out some additional detail from someone who was actually *there* ... which detail I would gladly re-integrate with the bones of the tale which follows.


The tale more or less as I tell it, then, in brief:  


A whim / decree had gone out from the throne in the Principality, in the voice of the Princess herself, that "There are _never_ enough mushrooms".


A plot was hatched.  ("We'll show *her*!")  An event was chosen, and the plans finalized.  Purchases were made.  Much anticipatory glee ensued.


The morning of the event dawned -- cloudy, misty, moisty, foggy, almost-not-quite-rainy, and COLD (for the area / time of year).  The populace on the whole was unprepared, and shivering.  Spring & summer cloaks in their kits, a forecast having been for a fine, bright day.


However, the weather wasn't REALLY bad enough to cancel the event, now was it?


Opening court ensued, and -- after collusion on the part of the court heralds, one presumes -- a Presentation was made to Her Highness:  several full CASES of mushrooms.  Ten?  More?  (Some details did not come to reside more permanently in my memory, for which I beg your pardon.)


The assembled waited, the Princess thought fast on her feet, and decreed that, this once, there were ALMOST enough mushrooms -- and then bid the whole lot of the fungi arrayed in their several cases be conveyed to the cooks for the creation of hot soup.  


Which was, considering the conditions of the day, the ultimate victory of the whole proceedings, as the gathered populace were well and truly warmed to their depths of their cockles (and muscles) with the ensuing bounty of the kitchens.

Blame my memory if I got details wrong, bless Valadonis Stareagle, the Wanderer, for passing the tale along.  


And if someone else would care to cover the Pun Tax, I'd certainly appreciate it.



Kitchen Idiot

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