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The pitchers in question do not have a lid. I may serve the eggs on a platter seperately, if I don't have toreens. 

Time is going to be tight. Right when this course goes out, we will start plating the next. We want the courses to go out 15 to 20 minutes apart. 

I am just wondering if anyone has ever poached this many eggs before, and managed to somehow do it in a decent length of time without the eggs going all rubbery, tasting old, etc. 


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I would practice this in advance and see if it is feasible.?
I am wondering how you will serve the soup out of pitchers and insure that each serving?
gets a whole poached egg? Think about pouring drinks out of a pitcher?
and one glass gets ice and one gets no ice.?
Could you chop the poached eggs, so they are in smaller pieces and more incorporated?
into the soup? Could this be done at the moment??
> Helen asked: <<< I am looking at the Savoury Soup for a Feast of about > 125-150 quests.?
> It states to float poached eggs in the servings.??
> the soup will be served either by pitchers or by a soup tureen, if I > can borrow them from a fellow member.?
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