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Thu Feb 12 23:19:31 PST 2009

Gianotta wrote:
> Things I would do differently: not freezing the manti (it was very 
> difficult to get them out of the layers of waxed paper and several 
> opened up when boiling, disgorging their meaty insides);

I've made manti from a 15th c. recipe (on my website) more than once.

I froze them on cooking parchment lined cookie sheets. Once frozen, they could be *carefully* dumped into zip lock bags.

To keep them from opening, do not seal the wrappers too thoroughly. Yes, i found that when there was a little opening, they didn't "burst". But when they were completely and tightly sealed, quite a few split open, letting the meat out.

Also, i used purchased wonton wrappers. I found that the thinner, more flexible Chinese wrappers were far, far better than the thicker and stiffer Japanese wrappers.
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