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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Thu Feb 12 22:20:05 PST 2009

Gianotta said:

<<< Now that it's been a month I can look back and say, "Wow, glad I  
did it, but I won't be doing this again too soon. If ever." ;-) >>>

Hmmm. So is that why you labeled your message al-Hafla "breakdown"?  
Sounds more like exhaustion. :-)

<<< Things on the board all day long: spicy cheese dip, hummus,  
olives, fruit, pita bread, torshi (Persian pickles), cut-up  
vegetables (cucumbers and celery, and anachronistic grape tomatoes >>>

What is your recipe/redaction for the spicy cheese dip?

<<< Breakfast board: Eggs and lentils (eggs baked on top of a spiced  
lentil mash), apricot pudding (cream of wheat, dried apricots, sugar  
and orange essence), Arabian shortbread, carrot halwa >>>

How does Arabian shortbread different from other shortbread?

<<< Lunch board: The Emir of Catania's chicken (cooked chicken mixed  
with bread crumbs, capers, and lemon juice, served in a breadloaf),  
chickpea stew, mujaddara (rice and lentils), baklava, Persian rice  

What is your recipe/redaction for your Persian rice pudding?

<<< Dinner board: Chicken legs and thighs cooked in lemon juice,  
lemon vinegar, broth, whole herbs, and whole cloves of garlic; manti  
(Turkish ravioli); cauliflower in tahini sauce; Persian salad. Sweets  
were the carrot halwa, baklava, Arabian shortbread, and Persian rice  
pudding. >>>

What is your redaction/recipe for this manti?

Or if it is easier, just post all your recipes and I'll add them to  
this original message and create a feast review article for the  
Florilegium. :-)

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