[Sca-cooks] al-Hafla breakdown

Christiane christianetrue at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 14 15:11:26 PST 2009

>>>What is your recipe/redaction for the spicy cheese dip?
>>It's Master Rashid's redaction:
>Am I correct in reading this as meaning that most of the recipes you 
>were using were modern middle eastern rather than period middle 
>eastern? I didn't recognize any of them as from the period cookbooks 
>and wondered.

Most of the recipes came from Master Rashid, who specializes in Persian cooking. I don't know where he was sourcing from, but I can ask him. This was not a formal sitdown feast, where we would have had more citation. The Persian salad and the cauliflower dishes, however, were served at previous feasts at Bhakail, and the cheese and spinach dips were popular dayboard items. The manti were periodoid; I decided against the chickpeas in the Ottoman recipe and just went with ground beef and added minced onions. 

The chickpea stew was entirely my creation. I needed something completely vegan; after reading St. Joseph's Day recipe after St. Joseph's Day recipe for Sicilian garbanzo stews, I just winged it. And mujaddara was also my creation, from the basic recipe; again, I needed a completely vegan dish. The pasticcio was also from me.

The carrot halwa is from Rajasthan; I can ask Master Rashid his source, but it's probably modern. I'm pretty sure the shortbread was modern too.

FYI, I was the autocrat as well as the main cook for this event!


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