[Sca-cooks] How do you like your chicken?

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14th c. English is my preference. ;-)

Hennys in bruet from Forme of Cury:

VII - HENNYS IN BRUET. Schullyn be scaldyd and sodyn wyth porke and grynd 
pepyr and comyn bred and ale and temper it wyth the selve broth and boyle 
and colowre it wyth safroun and salt it and messe it forthe.

I will admit that I left the pork out but it still tasted good.

Margaret FitzWilliam

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> You get to choose. What is your favorite time period and location?
> Helen
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>> When it comes to Feast planning, we all worry?about staying inside the budget, especially the protein portion of the meal.?
>> Right now, chicken leg quarters are at an excellent price, here. One can sometimes pick up a bagful at 59 cents a pound, if one knows when and where to look.?
>> So, here you, the Head Cook, have all?this wealth of chicken thighs and legs.?
>> ?
>> What would you do with it??
>> ?
>> Helen?
> ?
> What are the historical time period and geographic location for the feast??
> ?
> YIS,?
> ?
> Margaret FitzWilliam?

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