[Sca-cooks] How do you like your chicken?

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Tue Feb 17 12:00:17 PST 2009

>When it comes to Feast planning, we all worry?about staying inside 
>the budget, especially the protein portion of the meal.
>Right now, chicken leg quarters are at an excellent price, here. One 
>can sometimes pick up a bagful at 59 cents a pound, if one knows 
>when and where to look.
>So, here you, the Head Cook, have all?this wealth of chicken thighs and legs.
>What would you do with it?

Al-Baghdadi's Madira can be done with chicken and is pretty good. 
Zirbaya from the Andalusian cookbook is a bit odd to modern 
tastes--sweet--but good. Andalusian Chicken, from the other 
Andalusian cookbook, is tasty. Barmakiyya, which I'm very fond of, 
can be made with chicken.

For non-Islamic, Mirause of Catalonia, from Platina, is yummy. We did 
it as one of our contributions to a potluck at a recent event and, 
alas, there was none left for us to take home.  Another Crust of Tame 
Creatures, also from Platina, is interesting--a chicken and fruit pie.

All of those are in the Miscellany, webbed on my site.

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