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Moramarsh at aol.com Moramarsh at aol.com
Sun Feb 22 20:31:11 PST 2009

Our store carries white candied ginger by the oz or lb and also the red  
sweet/sour/salty ginger eaten around the Chinese New Year.  This is a real  mouth 
treat. Starts sweet then turns sour then salty. When all the spices wear  off 
you get the hot ginger blast such as sushi ginger gives you. This is also  
available by the oz or pound.  ( 1 oz price x 16 less 20% for pound price,  any 
herb or spice on line)
We also sell the ginger candy from Indonesia,  in the 2 oz pkg   (about the 
size of a cigarette pkg) of 10 pieces. It is wrapped in rice paper so  you can 
eat the wrapper. Starts out like sweet taffy ginger candy and then gets  hot. 
Historically used for nausea and morning sickness. I find it great for  plane 
trips or car trips up windy roads. This is not on the web site yet but  they 
are 1.00 a pkg . Also comes pkg of 25 at discount.
_www.dragonmarsh.com_ (http://www.dragonmarsh.com) .
Anyone like to try the red? send a name and mailing address and we will  send 
a sample to you.
(your address goes no where else! we don't do this!)
Believe me the red  is addicting. Once you taste it you want more! I  keep a 
bottle next to the chair in my office to wake up my mouth after hours of  
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Bronwynmgn at aol.com writes:

2.  Several of the cookies call for finely chopped crystalized ginger.  I've  
heard it discussed here on the list, but I can't remember if anyone said  
you can purchase it - I certainly don't remember seeing it in the  spice 
section at the grocery store.  

Brangwayna  Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster,  PA

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