[Sca-cooks] ginger candies

David Walddon david at vastrepast.com
Sun Feb 22 21:09:33 PST 2009

The Indonesian Ginger Candy are AMAZING! But I can't buy the box  
because it is to small! There is also a bag that has about 30 in it!  
Must go and replenish my stash. If you like ginger and haven't tried  
them they are a must.

The red sounds fascinating.

I will be sending you a note momentarily for a sample.



Food is life. May the plenty that graces your table truly be a VAST  

David Walddon
david at vastrepast.com

On Feb 22, 2009, at 8:31 PM, Moramarsh at aol.com wrote:

> Our store carries white candied ginger by the oz or lb and also the  
> red
> sweet/sour/salty ginger eaten around the Chinese New Year.  This is  
> a real  mouth
> treat. Starts sweet then turns sour then salty. When all the spices  
> wear  off
> you get the hot ginger blast such as sushi ginger gives you. This  
> is also
> available by the oz or pound.  ( 1 oz price x 16 less 20% for pound  
> price,  any
> herb or spice on line)
> We also sell the ginger candy from Indonesia,  in the 2 oz pkg    
> (about the
> size of a cigarette pkg) of 10 pieces. It is wrapped in rice paper  
> so  you can
> eat the wrapper. Starts out like sweet taffy ginger candy and then  
> gets  hot.
> Historically used for nausea and morning sickness. I find it great  
> for  plane
> trips or car trips up windy roads. This is not on the web site yet  
> but  they
> are 1.00 a pkg . Also comes pkg of 25 at discount.
> _www.dragonmarsh.com_ (http://www.dragonmarsh.com) .
> Anyone like to try the red? send a name and mailing address and we  
> will  send
> a sample to you.
> (your address goes no where else! we don't do this!)
> Believe me the red  is addicting. Once you taste it you want more!  
> I  keep a
> bottle next to the chair in my office to wake up my mouth after  
> hours of
> paperwork.
> Mora
> Dragonmarsh
> In a message dated 2/22/2009 10:27:17 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,
> Bronwynmgn at aol.com writes:
> 2.  Several of the cookies call for finely chopped crystalized  
> ginger.  I've
> heard it discussed here on the list, but I can't remember if anyone  
> said
> where
> you can purchase it - I certainly don't remember seeing it in the   
> spice
> section at the grocery store.
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