[Sca-cooks] Happy Shrove/Fat Tuesday, or whatever you call it...

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I have gotten into the habit (thanks to the SCA Cook's List) of giving up
something during Lent to get closer to my persona.  The first year I tried a
Lenten diet, by the end of it I was saying 'if I never see a piece of white
fish again, I'll be happy' - I really felt I was getting closer to my 13th
century self - LOL

In more recent years, I have tried for one food, usually something modern or
new world or just something I wanted to try to eliminate to see how I felt.
Last year I tried corn and corn products.  That was tough, not because of
internal cravings, but because it is so darned hard to avoid!!!

This year, I'm going for the biggie - white sugar.  I may well allow myself
Sundays and Feast Day respites, and I'm not eliminating things like Agave
Nectar and Maple Syrup, just the sugar this time.  It would actually be nice
if I got dramatic results in either weight loss or overall health, but I'll
be glad even if I just get a little more insight.  

So today I'm going to try to use up the sweets from my birthday and
Valentine's day that are still in the house.  Pancakes would have to be
gluten-free anyway, so it kind of misses the point.  Perhaps I'll get some
McDonald's fries this afternoon ;)  (is it true they soak those in a
salt/sugar brine before frying?)

Happy Carnivale, Everyone!

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Not so much.  I'm going to be cooking a pot of Russian Red Lentil soup in
the crockpot and making the meatballs for the roasts I'm cooking for our
Middle Eastern event this weekend.  I suspect we'll have the soup along with
some of the lovely crusty bread my ever-so-considerate spouse brought home
last night.  The only really "fat" thing that we'll have is the goats milk
yoghurt we'll put in the soup...or the butter that will go on the bread.


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> Hullo, the list!
> <snip>

> So, is anybody actually sitting down to Shrove Tuesday pancakes (which are
> basically crepes, in substance), or beignets, or some other fried food in
> honor of the unsaturated weeks to come? Or for some other reason?
> Adamantius
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