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Christiane christianetrue at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 24 06:19:04 PST 2009

The discussion triggered a memory of something I read; there's a lot of Ukrainians who have settled in and around the Philadelphia area, and they have established quite a few "banqueting" restaurants and tea houses. You pay a flat price and help yourself to hot and cold foods; vodka and champagne and drinks are brought to your table. Whole families go there and party late. I'm assuming what the spread is a variatin on a zakuska-style meal.

Here is the banqueting menu for the Russian Tea Room in Holland, Pa.; you pay $35:

Cold Appetizers
1. Assorted Smoked Fish Platter 	 	 	 
2. Assorted Cold Meats Platter 	 	 	 
3. Assorted Pickled Vegetables 	 	 	 
4. Marinated Mushrooms 	 	 	 
5. Herring With Onion 	 	 	 
6. Meat Gelatin 	 	 	 
7. Crab Salad 	 	 	 
8. Don't Know 	 	 	 
9. Garden Salad 	 	 	 
10. Fried Potatoes 	 	 	 
11. Caesar Salad 	 	 	 
12. Pirogues With Meat 
Hot Appetizers
1. Juliennes mushrooms baked with cheese	 	 	 
2. Zharkoye potatoes and beef stew	 	 	 
3. Rice Pilaf 	 	 	 
4. French Styled Meat
1. Hens "Tabaka" roasted cornish hens in garlic sauce	 	 	 
2. Lamb Shish Kabob 	 	 	 
3. Pork Shish Kabob 
Beverages and Desserts
1. Assorted Fresh Fruits 	 	 	 
2. Assorted Pastries 	 	 	 
3. Tea 	 	 	 
4. Coffee 	 	 	 
5. Assorted Soda 


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