[Sca-cooks] An Entrement Experiment

Avelyn Grene avelyn at greneboke.com
Wed Feb 25 05:18:01 PST 2009


I am the head cook for a local event in Ohio (Grand Tournament of the
Unicorn/Baronial Investiture), and am working on a rather large entrement
for the event, which I have been pining after for a while now. I am making
the fire breathing pig from Du Fait de Cuisine.

Since I figured some may be interested, I have documented the process (I
think we took over a 100 photos in all) and I have posted the results of
the pyrotechnics on my blog (working only on the head, I still need to
work on a body, since I am not serving a whole pig), and there is a link
to the translation of the original text included as well.

Blog: www.greneboke.blogspot.com

PS, if you aren't into raw hog heads, you may want to scroll towards the

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