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The fact that hartshorn was used in some medicinal recipes does not mean that they were used as a leavener.  


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> Even in my own creation of a pampapato recipe includes
> baking soda,
> something that our medieval counterparts would not have had
> access to. What
> I need to do is go back, not use any levener whatsoever in
> one batch and
> use baking ammonia (which would be more appropriate for our
> period of study
> as far as chemical leveners go).
> Odriana vander Brugghe >>>
> It's not just the chemical leavener that's OOP;
> notice the reference also
> says the pampapato was made with cocoa and had a chocolate
> frosting and was
> served at a banquet in 1465.  Unless the Duke had sent his
> own expedition
> to the western hemisphere, chocolate wasn't known, much
> less used, in
> Europe at the time of his feast.  Perhaps there's an
> older recipe for
> pampapato somewhere that doesn't include chocolate.
> Sandra
> ----------
> I would agree on the chocolate, but not all chemical
> leavenings are out of period. Hartshorn, for instance.
> I'm not sure it's use was that widespread but using
> a leavening agent doesn't necessarily say a recipe is
> out of period. See this file in the FOOD-BREADS section of
> the Florilegium for some more details.
> leavening-msg     (36K)  3/20/08    Period leavening agents
> other than yeast.
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