[Sca-cooks] candied ginger

Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Wed Feb 25 14:16:09 PST 2009

I am an Ginger addict, searching for the perfect candy, I found it:

Sunny Ville Golden Ginger made in Indonesia imported into Germany (Biffar) 
and available only in winter (gets you hot and warm!) from one speciality 
tea shop and one upscale delicatessen shop in Vienna.

A perfect hot ginger HARD candy, no powdered sugar on everything, no 
squashed candys in your handbag, but you need a tin (altiods tins work 
best), as the original tin is BIG (150g) and round.

I am prone to motion sickness, but since I do take ginger (first as candied 
stem ginger, but as soon as I found the candies only in tins) on every 
voyage: no more medication making you drowsy and no more travel-gum not 
helping at all!

I also have tested different soft ginger candies from Indonesia, Thailand, 
Germany and China, but the hard one is still my favorite.

I also made candied ginger from root as a by-product of my ginger infused 

This turned out hot and tasty, but not soft as bought stem ginger (btw try 
out chocolate covered candied stem ginger from England! My, my,...), still 
it is cnadied all the way through and can be eaten or cooked with. As I used 
honey it is not so sweet as the comercial ones and no powdered or crystal 
sugar involved either (i like sweet but not too sweet, have to halve all 
sugar amounts in cake recipies and see if they still work)

Regards Katharina
DW ad flumen caerulum

btw, I finally managed to but my cookbooks (about 300) in Library thing, 
only the tags need still some work.


>> We also sell the ginger candy from Indonesia,  in the 2 oz pkg
>> (about the
>> size of a cigarette pkg) of 10 pieces. It is wrapped in rice paper
>> so  you can
>> eat the wrapper. Starts out like sweet taffy ginger candy and then
>> gets  hot.
>> Historically used for nausea and morning sickness. I find it great
>> for  plane
>> trips or car trips up windy roads. This is not on the web site yet
>> but  they
>> are 1.00 a pkg . Also comes pkg of 25 at discount.
>> _www.dragonmarsh.com_ (


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