[Sca-cooks] Happy Shrove/Fat Tuesday, or whatever you call it...

Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Wed Feb 25 14:51:56 PST 2009

Hello all, have a lot of backlog to read, so my answers come in a jumble:

yes in Austria you eat Faschingskrapfen (a yeast dough, doughnut style-no 
hole-filled with apricot jam)  and  baked mice (again a yeast dough, no jam, 
just droped dough from a spoon, both baked in hot fat usually lard (rendered 
pork fat). In Italy the baked mice are called frittelli and are made with 
candied orange peel in venice at  carneval time.

just found a wiki page about all varieties and the polish packzi are the 
same as the Faschingskrapfen here: the dough is rolled out, circular pieces 
cut, put a teaspoon of jam in the middle, top with second dough circle, cut 
again with a circular cookie cutter (a bit smaller than the original one, 
are sold in pairs here, about 10cm (4inches)). Drop into hot fat, if one 
side is golden brown turn over (if you made it correctly you will get a 
perfect light band around the middle, lopsided: jam not in the middle, fat 
to hat, dough not enough time to rise propperly,...name it). The filling is 
only injected when you are lazy and can't make them the propper way (then 
you make only one thicker circle and inject the jam into that) and by 
comercial bakers). The german varieties are very simmilar made. the so 
called Bauernkrapfen or Schlitzkrapfen is not rolled but only patted down 
and pulled  to  an oblong/ovoid shape about as big as a hand  and cut three 
times in the middle)


DW ad flumen caerulum

> So, is anybody actually sitting down to Shrove Tuesday pancakes (which
> are basically crepes, in substance), or beignets, or some other fried
> food in honor of the unsaturated weeks to come? Or for some other
> reason?

> Adamantius

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