[Sca-cooks] A Question of Dried Beans

Mairi Ceilidh jjterlouw at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 26 19:49:59 PST 2009

I've gotten a question that I'm sure I can find the answer for with enough
time to dig through all the books in my kitchen, but I'm a bit short on
time.  Since we have some of the greatest culinary minds in the Known World
right here on this list, I would like to pose it here.


Can someone point me toward period sources that discuss or describe soaking
dried beans or peas prior to cooking?  I'm sure it's there someplace, and am
frankly hoping I don't have to find time for one more project before Gulf


Thank you in advance.  I know someone will have just the thing within easy


Jancie/Mairi Ceilidh


"I want to be an active verb!"  GBS




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