[Sca-cooks] Seeking Cooks for Special Events at Gulf Wars

Mairi Ceilidh jjterlouw at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 26 19:38:47 PST 2009

This missive is forwarded from Her Highness Trimaris, Eridani:


To the Talented Cooks of the Knowne World,

Gulf War is coming very soon, very soon, in fact and I would like to engage

interest of the fine cooks who might be attending this Great War. 

>From Monday to Saturday night good gentles of breeding and taste will be

enjoying evenings at the Main Hall with dancing and making music. There will

wonderful Balls held there each night.  We shall have the finest music, ball

gowns will gleam, colorful tapestries will hang upon the walls, and polite

conversation will fill the hall.

But we are missing something...

What we are missing are YOUR fine pastries, confitures, and savories. We are

missing party food of the period. Can you imagine the squeals of delight as

dancers discover your favorite recipe?  Do you see them taking a copy of the

recipe that you thoughtfully left and sharing it back home?  Can you see

checking the name next to the plate and finding that the contribution was

by someone from Lochac? 

Please share the delights of your creativity at the War in an elegant

at the evening Balls in the Main Hall.  There is a Ball every night for your

convenience and we start at 9pm.  We'd love to have recipes (and your name

to worship) but it is optional. Please label anything allergenic like nuts


For those of you who submit tasty party food Monday through Friday with a

and contact information, we will have a contest and announce prizes and the 

winners at Friday's Ball!

Viva la cuisine!


The Celestial Princess of Trimaris

Please contact edwardusthewise at gmail.com   for more information



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