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Tue Jan 6 14:37:46 PST 2009

> 1. We currently have a vegetarian living with us.? We're serious carnivores,?

The all-important first question: is this person an ovo-lacto
vegetarian (who will eat dairy and eggs), or a vegan (who will not eat
any animal products)?  If the former, then things like pasta and
cheese or omelettes are still "on the table", so to speak

She actually will eat chicken on occasion, says chicken broth as a base is acceptable, and does eat dairy.  The main issue is that she was raised vegetarian, so her body can't process other meats, or at least not comfortably.

> 2. I'm doing some?vinegar research and I recall a friend gifting us with 
> something called "five thieves vinegar"? which had a story behind it 
> dating to possibly the black plague.? Does anyone have a recipe for this 
> and/or a source for the backstory?
> -Ardenia

I found this in one of my herb books, The Illustrated Herb Encyclopedia:


Thank you!

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