[Sca-cooks] Early Irish food

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Thu Jan 8 20:31:59 PST 2009

<<< Did you know ancient ireland had laws for who and how much
dulse could be harvested?  much the same as with fishing
areas. >>>

Not too surprising.  It seems like anything of any value was claimed  
by someone in medieval times. I don't know how fast dulse grows, but  
I wonder if the limits might have been a bit of conservation so it  
wasn't all distroyed.

<<<  i guess you can see i am getting edu-macated in my
research for the upcoming class: Legends, Lawyers and
Landfills, Documenting Early Irish Food.

cailte >>>

Are you going to have a class handout? Or perhaps write up your  
research into an article? I'd love to have such an item for the  
Florilegium.  It sounds like an interesting class. You wouldn't be  
teaching this at Gulf Wars, would you?

I was wondering about the connections between the various items in  
your class title.  It took me a minute to realize it probably wasn't  
the connection I was drawing between lawyers/politicians and  

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