[Sca-cooks] Golden Temple Durum Atta flour

Christiane christianetrue at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 12 18:07:18 PST 2009

So, I was shopping for some things for al-Hafla this weekend, and on a whim picked up a bag of this durum wheat flour to bake some more bread with it for my pasticcios.

I used it with regular unbleached flour, and I have to say, it made some pretty golden rustic loaves. Not very lofty, but the crumb and texture are tender.

I understand that this flour is intended for chapattis, but it made a nice yeast bread. I used a pan full of water to steam-bake the loaves.

Verdict: I'd recommend it; if you have an Indian grocery near you and like to bake semolina bread, it's a finer grind than the Red Mill stuff I can normally find in the supermarkets.


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