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Selene replied to Maria about the book "Art of Cooking: The First  
Modern Cookery Book":

<<< I like it very much.  The new translation's editor, Prof. Luigi
Ballerini, lectured for the Culinary Historians of Southern Calfornia
when it came out and signed my copy.   When Renata and I told him about
actually using it as a cookbook and why, he wanted an invitation to a
feast.  We had better throw one some time soon!  He also went on about
peacocks served with the skin on but not in my kitchen bub.  1.
salmonella, 2. protected species in L.A. County. >>>

I think both problems are solvable. We have discussed the idea of  
using a previously tanned peacock skin with its feathers over a big  
bird such as a turkey. In period, the meat of a peacock was not  
considered that good tasting and for decoration the skin of the  
peacock was often placed over a different bird, so the idea is period.

See previous discussion on this in this file in the FOOD-MEATS  
section of the Florilegium:
peacocks-msg      (50K)  7/12/06    Serving peacock sotelties safely.

What does the L.A. County rule say? Does it say you can't eat or use  
a peacock skin in the county? Or just that you can't kill a peacock  
in L.A. county? Peacocks are raised in other areas and if you are  
just dressing up a turkey with one, you aren't eating it.

Peacocks are messy and very noisy. I'm not sure why L.A. county  
thinks they need to be protected. Unless maybe the movie set are  
afraid of someone poaching their lawn ornaments. Sort of like the big  
rats with antlers (deer) around here. At least peacocks don't total  
your car if you hit one.

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