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Last year i was researching flat bread, period and modern. I've still got a ways to go, i'm certainly not done yet...


I recall reading somewhere that commercial pita is often made of two thin circles pressed together to guarantee the pocket - and there's the rub, i can't recall where.

Has anyone read this, too? If so, does anyone recall where? I need it for a footnote. I've gone over the books i have and searched the web, but not turned it up :-(

Helup! Helup!

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>From what i've read of period and ethnic flat breads, a pocket is not guaranteed, although one can make flat bread puff up while cooking, if one presses it by hand against the taj, the slightly convexly domed metal pan placed over a charcoal fire.

I also know from buying ethnic flat breads made by local ethnic bakeries that not only does most Middle Eastern not have a convenient hanky pocket, but some ethnic pita does not have a pocket. And one i'm fond of kinda sorta has a thin pocket on top, and a nice thick bready back (note this is a thin flatbread, so thick and thin are relative in this case). It is COMPLETELY unlike the American standard and standardized pita.
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