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Dear Friends,

Better late than never! This was supposed to be my Christmas update of new titles, but... All for sale at Birka and from http://www.poisonpenpress.com

Devra the baker

Book of Sent Sovi - $34.95

Joan Santanach, editor. Robin Vogelzang, translator. This book, composed around the middle of the 14th Century, is the oldest surviving culinary text in Catalan. The contents are eminently practical; successive cooks have recorded their methods of preparing dishes, blending several culinary traditions in a single work. The book is also a reliable source of information on the cookery of the territories of the Crown of Aragon before the intrusion of New World foods. Includes both original Catalan text and English translation. Pb. Boydell & Brewer

Celebration at the Sarayi; a culinary journey back in time - $24 (CD)

Channon Mondoux. Includes illustrated audio introductions to each section of the ecookbook. The author has resurrected recipes from the 16th century Ottoman Empire and adapted them for the modern kitchen, in easy to print out and use form. Yet it’s not simply measurements & cooking times. She relates the stories behind these dishes, gleans from observations of travelers of the time, and from translations of historical texts. Includes video demonstrations of techniques to guide you, in an easy to navigate multi-media PDF file. TEC Publishing

Chilies to Chocolate: Food the Americas Gave the World - $16.95

Nelson Foster & Linda S Cordell. When Columbus found the New World while seeking treas
ure, the native people there held riches beyond his imagining: the crops of the New World. This book traces the biological and cultural history of several New World crops that have worldwide economic importance. Features contributions by Gary Nabhan, Alan Davidson, and others, as well as a list (both common and Latin name) of New World crops. From the discovery of vanilla to how chilies spread since Columbus, this is packed with culinary lore and regional history. Very useful at demos. Pb, 191pp, index.

Chocolate: Pathway to the Gods; The Sacred Realm of Chocolate in Mesoamerica - $30.00

Meredith L Dreiss & Sharon Edgar Greenhill. An eloquent and beautifully illustrated tribute to chocolate as the sacred ‘food of the gods’. Grounded in the latest scholarship, this book reminds us that in the countries of its origin, chocolate was more than a mere confection. Hardcover, 208pp, 132 color photos, 10 illustrations, 2 maps. University of Arizona Press

Cooking With Shakespeare - $55.00

Mark Morton & Andrew Coppolino.  The book features a 67-pages introduction on period ideology, dietary theory, law, pharmacology, etiquette, and economics, in addition to the 189 recipes featured here. Appendices include ‘Hard to Find Ingredients’ – featuring substitutions and sources, ‘Sample Menus’ and ‘Wages & Prices.’ Original recipes and redactions. Hardcover, 336pp, photos, glossary, bible, index. Greenwood Heinemann.

Cooking in Europe, 1650-1850 - $45.00

Ivan Day. From the Baroque Era20to the Victorian Era, unprecedented changes took place in the food ways and dining habits of European society. Ivan Day makes these foods accessible with his meticulous recreation of these dishes, including clear explanations of techniques and unusual ingredients. Nearly 200 recipes, organized by period, many of them translated into English for the first time. A culinary treasure trove. Hardcover, 166pp, notes, glossary, bibl, index. Greenwood Heinemann

Food and Feasting in Art - $24.95

Silvia Malaguzzi. Part of the Getty’s “in Art” series, this book describes the significance of food and feasts as told in scripture and in the lives of the saints, in Greek and Roman mythology, and in later literature and history. It shows how artists through the ages have created allegories of gluttony and odes to the sense of taste. It also discusses the role of table settings in relation to formal dinners and royal banquets. Despite its small size (5.5x8”) the book‘s 400 color illustrations offer a plethora of pictures of food. PB, 384pp, index, photo credits. Getty Publications 

Good Wife’s Guide: Le Menagier de Paris: a medieval household book - $24.95

Translated by Gina L Greco & Christine M. Rose. In this new, highly readable, and lively translation of an important document, the authors have done a wonderful job of maintaining the integrity of the original text while rendering it into colloquial English. This instruction book from an elderly husband to his young, new wife covers a very
 wide range of material, from moral exhortations to stories to practical instructions on topics such as gardening and hawking, and a splendid collection of recipes. Pb, 366ppindex, bibl, glossary of culinary terms. Cornell University Press

Hearthside Cooking: Early American Southern Cuisine Updated for Today’s Hearth and Cookstove - $30

Nancy Carter Crump. Second Edition. This is a treasure trove of early American delights, a staple for culinary historians, historical re-enactors, campers, scouts, and home cooks. This new edition brings additional information on African-American food ways, how the Civil War affected traditional southern food customs, and the late 19th century transition from hearth to stove cooking. It contains more than 250 recipes, including both hearth and stove instructions, as well as information on fire construction, safety, tools, and methods. Hardcover, 352pp, notes, 68 illus, index, bibl. University of North Carolina Press

On the Observance of Foods - $24

Anthimus, translated by Mark Grant. Anthimus was a Greek doctor condemned to exile at the court of Theodoric the Ostrogoth, barbarian ruler of Italy at the beginning of the 6th century. In the course of his life in Ravenna he was sent as ambassador to the King of the Franks, and wrote a letter about foods: which were good or bad for you and, sometimes, how to prepare them. This is one of the very earliest ‘cookbooks’ we have. Translated, with general historical introduction, and cross-references to classical medical treatises, the 
literature of classical cookery, and modern scholarship insofar as it knows anything of the food and cookery of the early Merovingian Franks. Pb, 142pp, index, facing Latin and English. Prospect Books

Take 1000 Eggs, Volume ONE - $12.00

Cindy Renfrow. Several boxes of the earlier, spiral-bound incarnation of this title have come to light. This volume has the redacted recipes! Cindy Renfrow.

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