[Sca-cooks] New Year's Eve/Day repast

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Stefan, I would be doing Hopping John if I were eating at home today...
I think it's actually a regional/southern thing.  I actually really have to 
*look* to find black-eyed peas around here.  It's certainly not a tradition 
in my family (I live in the northern Rockies, and have a strongly Yankee/New 
England heritage)--I picked it up from Southern friends.  The friend with 
whom I'm spending the day--her family holiday tradition involves oyster stew 
(on Christmas Eve).
Gingerbread waffles sound WONDERFUL!!!!

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> This is the first time I've heard someone mention blackeyed peas in
> their New Year's menus.  What's wrong with everyone? I thought black-
> eyed peas were a standard tradition for New Years day, for good luck
> and all that.
> I had my black-eyed peas for this year at my in-laws tonight.  We
> also had sausage and sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and corn. Nothing
> that spectacular.  But it would have been something even less
> exciting at home, except for the invitation.  Sometimes in the past
> someone in the local SCA has had an open invitation New Year's eve
> party with fireworks and all, but not for the last few years.
> As usual, I like some of the other menus posted here. I do have a
> package of gingerbread pancake/waffle mix I saw earlier today.
> Perhaps I'll take someone's suggestion and find the waffle iron and
> make waffles later today.
> I'm looking forward to Adamantius' Chinese New Year feast description
> if that was what he was referring to in the near future.
> Best Wishes to everyone here for a Happy New Year! (whenever you
> start it).
> Stefan

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