[Sca-cooks] egg peeler

Louise Smithson helewyse at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 5 13:18:57 PST 2009

Reviews on this are hard to find, but I did find one: 
Save your money, it doesn't look like it works, plus it is a unitasker and like Alton Brown I'm pretty much against them in the kitchen (other than the fire extinguisher). 

all that talk about peeling eggs, I found something interesting in a
Walter Drake catalog. It's described as an 'Instant Egg Peeler'? that
'shells eggs automatically without tedious peeling. Just slip onto
faucet, insert egg and turn on the water. Presto! Egg slides out of the
shell like magic!'? 

The item appears to be a flexible cone of
rubber which uses the force of the water from the sink to push off the
shell (sorta like the 'put it up to your mouth and blow' technique
discussed here...)
I haven't tried it yet myself... Anyway, it costs around $5 and the control number in the catalog I have is 303532.? (1-800-525-9291 and they probably have on-line as well.)

Devra the Baker


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