[Sca-cooks] Rice and servings

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Mon Jan 5 17:11:58 PST 2009

Depends also on how many vegans and vegetarians are attending too.
If this is their main dish, they may in fact eat quite a bit of it and 
take away the leftovers with glee.

Kinda hard to say given its a number between 50 and 120 for the number 
of diners.


Christiane wrote:
> Thanks to everyone for their insights. I have a basic mujaddara recipe of two cups of rice, one cup of dried lentils, and two medium onions or one gigantic onion. This makes one basic half-catering pan full, I have found. 
> Here's where it gets interesting for me; when I made it for the bands I catered for, I found that one pan was never enough, and I had to make two. At the end of the evening, I'd come to clean up and found that there was only a couple of servings left; these were usually snapped up by a vegan band member. 
> I would also get told, "I was just going to have one serving, but I went back there three times!"
> Apparently my mujaddara inspires severe gluttony.
> Gianotta
>> Of course as I said originally
>> "So does one cup of raw rice serve 4 people or only 3 people when cooked 
>> and how does that work with your other ingredients and in your recipe?"
>> In this case the recipe also includes lentils, and onions so is a 
>> desired portion one half cup of prepared rice plus the lentils
>> and onions or perhaps three--quarters cup of rice plus the lentils and 
>> onions?
>> What's the proportion of the other ingredients to the rice?
>> Johnnae

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