[Sca-cooks] Spice Sources was Did you ever?

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Thank you Johnna


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Stefan keeps a file on these sources in the Florilegium.?
Here are some online sources with reviews: In the PLANTS, HERBS AND SPICES section of the Florilegium.?
merch-spices-msg (44K) 11/17/07 Spice merchants. Reviews and recommendations?
And the SCA Cooks List Archives can be searched also.?
A search in that turns up posts with these sources mentioned:?
Spice Sources:?
Grains of Paradise and many other hard to find herbs & spices like long pepper, saunders, galangal, saffron, cubeb berries ,and blends such as Irish meat rub, Quatre spice, Pourder Forte, Pouder Dulse are readily available at Dragonmarsh _www.dragonmarsh.com_ (http://www.dragonmarsh.com) 3643 University Ave?
Riverside, Ca 92501 (951) 276-1116?
>From my list: Vann's carries grains of paradise.?
Order thru A Cooks Ware?
*Frontier Natural Products Coop* http://www.frontiercoop.com/company.html?
SCA listed ones include:?
*Golden Squirrel Enterprises* <http://www.goldensquirrel.com/>?
*Pepper's Guild* <http://members.cox.net/periac/pepperers.html>?
*Auntie Arwen's Spices* <http://www.auntiearwenspices.com/>?
Hope this helps?
Cheri or Anne wrote:?
> Did you ever, after years of looking and collecting, lose all your resources for something??
> I can't seem to find any of my mail order catalogs or web sites in my favorites of any of the places I buy spices. I'm in need of Cubebs and Grains of Paradise and I'm ready to order them and guess what??
> Anyone else better at remembering that "special/safe" place you put your spice web addresses??
> > ?
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