[Sca-cooks] dulse?

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
Thu Jan 8 15:44:34 PST 2009

On Jan 8, 2009, at 6:07 PM, Kathleen A Roberts wrote:

> From what i have heard, perhaps dulse is best used as seasoning and  
> not an ingredient!

As far as I know, it was used as a [main] ingredient. I suspect you  
need to work with the fresh stuff to get a sense of what the early  
Irish were doing; it might be a bit like tasting dried raisins and  
concluding grapes have a peculiar, very sweet, slightly oxidized  

My go-to source for a recipe like this would be Malachi McCormick, who  
says, honestly, that he couldn't find any traditional written recipes  
for dulse, so he provides us with one he made up, also using dried  
dulse, reconstituted and mixed with watercress in a salad.

I could swear, though, that someplace I have a recipe that starts with  
the dulse-ey equivalent of, "First steal two chickens", as in, first  
collect some dulse off some rocks at the seashore, etc.

By the way, can anybody document that there actually is a printed  
recipe that begins that way (the stolen chicken reference), and that  
it isn't just some sort of xenophobic/racist urban legend promulgated  
by some culture other than the one being spoken of?


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