[Sca-cooks] Early Irish food

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Mmmm....suddenly, I'm craving something with substantial amounts of oats and 
leeks in it....

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> > > Pottages made with milk, such as Brotchan Foltchep/Brotchan Roy
> > may or
> > > may not count as separate foods.
> >
> > Are these the same as porridges?
> Pottages are soups, essentially, that which can be poted or drunk. In
> classical culinary terms, a potage is a chunky soup, as opposed to a
> veloute or puree. So, for example, minestrone is a potage. while cream
> of celery (bleah) is a veloute or a creme. In this case, between two
> leek soups, Brotchan Foltchep is a potage while Vichyssoise is a creme
> or a veloute...
> Porridges used to imply the presence of leeks (according to most
> dictionaries, from a French word for leek), but after centuries of
> containing both leeks and a grain, usually oatmeal, they have become a
> grain dish.
> Adamantius

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