[Sca-cooks] Aenia's questions - trying to live with vegetarians

Cheri or Anne celticcheri at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 10:32:38 PST 2009

Reading these makes me think about something.  I've developed an inability to digest beef (and now lately pork) comfortably over the last two or three years and have been evolving into a quasi-vegetarian out of necessity.
I kind of freaked out at first.  I don't know how to cook vegetarian!  But wait, I started thinking about the meals I cook, have cooked for over 30 years now.  I already eat lots of vegetarian meals.  And the ones with meat have vegetarian sides.  So, self, calm down (I told myself), you do know how to cook vegetarian.  You've been doing it for years and just never took any notice.  All you have to do now is replace the protein you use to get from meat.
I guess my point is, try not to stress it and think about all the dishes you make that are just naturally vegetarian dish's.  I'd be willing to bet that their numbers are greater than your meat dishes at a ratio of one meat, two sides, bread and maybe even a salad in there.
Lots of luck to you,

Go softly and gently for those you meet here will be
those you know hereafter."

>> 1. We currently have a vegetarian living with us.? We're serious


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